Why Join Delta Sig?

Delta Sigma Phi was the first Fraternity founded on the principle of universal brotherhood – a fraternity of men defined by the quality of the individuals and not their beliefs. In the spirit of this ideal, our Tech chapter became the first Fraternity on campus to be racially integrated. Even today, a trip to our house during Rush will unveil a diverse group of men wearing everything from suits to band shirts. These men come from many religions and ethnicities, but still mesh into a strong brotherhood. How do we do it? The answer: there’s something special going on that cannot be properly expressed in words – something keeps us just as close as the fraternities that are more homogeneous. We invite you to join us during Rush to meet our brothers and see for yourself what words cannot describe.


Brotherhood is the very foundation of the fraternity experience. An inexplicable bond among men who value individual identity yet put differences aside in favor of mutual respect and friendship, the unique camaraderie of brotherhood is the knot that holds the fraternity together. As a fraternity brother, you will be presented with the opportunity to form friendships unlike any other; friendships with men who will always have your back. Brotherhood is not conformity, every man contributes to the whole and it is in the diverse community that you can find something truly remarkable. By choosing to become a member of a fraternity, you enter into a lifelong bond that introduces you to brothers who will become your closest friends, those who will celebrate your successes, support you when the going gets tough, and push you to be a better man.


We understand the rigors of academics at Georgia Tech, and are, as a brotherhood, dedicated to the wellbeing of our brothers as it pertains to all aspects of life, especially academics. Each pledge must meet minimum grades to even be initiated into our brotherhood, and is given all the help offered by a Fraternity to help them succeed in this most competitive school. Delta Sigma Phi was founded with the goal of pushing our brothers to become Better Men.

Social Life

A large part of Greek life is, of course, the many parties and mixers associated with the Fraternity. Delta Sigma Phi holds many themed parties, band parties, and sorority mixers throughout the academic year, ensuring that each brother can maintain a healthy balance of work and play.

Campus Leadership

Being such a diverse brotherhood, Delta Sigma Phi finds that it has brothers in a vast majority of the clubs and student organizations around campus, not only as members, but as key leaders and organizers amongst our peers. The fraternity not only provides ample opportunity for internal leadership experience, but also offers resources and support for our brothers to have a real impact on campus. Encouraging involvement and participation on campus is an integral part of our organization, we consider it a very important aspect of being a well-rounded man.

Community Service

At Delta Sigma Phi, we feel that participation in our community is just as important as involvement on campus. Every semester we sponsor a blood drive for the American Red Cross, which is our National Philanthropy. We also arrange several events throughout the year that raise money for the Red Cross, such as Battle of the Bands and chili cook-offs. In all, each brother is encouraged to perform at least twenty hours of community service by participating in either events that we organize or one of the several philanthropy events hosted by other organizations throughout the year.

Sports & Intramurals

A large part of the Tech life is the sports life, be it Game Day or intramurals. Delta Sigma Phi is proud to field teams in many of the intramural sports in the Fraternity leagues, and also to maintain the traditions of Georgia Tech in our support of the Yellow Jackets by our continued Game Day festivities and school spirit.